Boss fights are a special part of the game where the player has to hit the right keys to deal damage to the boss. Hitting a key that is not in the song deals minor damage while the correct keys deal considerably more damage. This mode is only available in SCGMD4.


Boss fights were introduced when SCGMD4 was released. During normal play, sometimes you can see a purple light with a skeleton face floating on one song. Playing that song adds a purple ball to the bottom right of the music select screen. When you get 3 purple balls, you will encounter a boss the next song you play. When that happens, a message will appear which asks a question whether they want to fight or not. This question is usually related to the boss with a joke. Players have a choice whether to engage that boss fight or not, so denying a boss fight results in the player playing the song normally.

Boss Fight ListEdit

There are in total 6 boss fights with individual skills and some limitations: 1. The Pizza Guy

  • Skill: No real interruption, unless you feel his speech bubbles are.

2. The Puppet

  • Skill: "Dancing Mad" - Covers a part of the lanes when that skill is active.

3. The God of Pirates

  • Skill: "Jolly Rogering" - Makes all notes white when his skill is active. Notice that this boss is only reachable when the multiplier is x3 or x4. If you’re in pro, you can’t hit him in x5 or x10, so you will have to “control” your multiplier to beat him.

4. Dark Guitar Maniac

  • Skill: "Mischief" - Makes fake notes which disappear only a short distance away from hit area when his skill is active.

5. The Brothers

  • Limitation: Can only be beaten in Switch vs. Evil-Dog Round 3 before choosing to beat them in other songs.
  • Skills:
    • "New School" - Hides the key commands, so the notes are only recognizable by their color and/or lane position
    • "Old School" - Inverts the lanes where the keys are showing up, so 'up' keys would be on the bottom lane instead on the top lane. Note that there are also 2 times in a song that both skills are active, where you can only tell the notes from their color.

6. The God of Time

  • Limitation: Only reachable when the multiplier is x10, making this boss pro mode only.
  • Skill: "Accelerando" - Notes are sped up when the skill is active.