Fairest One of All


The Spin Room




Pop Punk

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Fairest One of All is a song in SCGMD4, which was written and performed by The Spin Room.


The song is 3:09 long and plays at an average beat of 144 bpm. It features prominent power chords played in sync with the drums during the verses, as well as a repeating lead melody by the lead guitar. 

During the first verse, the boy describes his infatuation with the "girl of her dreams," and the many (rather overexaggerated) this he would do to impress or woo her. During the chorus, the singer projects a hint of irritation at anyone who objects to his opinions, trying to convince the listener that what he says is true. During the second verse, he directly professes his love to the girl of his dreams, promising that he would be by her side no matter what.

In-game TipsEdit

  • The song is very easy to play, even on Pro mode; however, the final notes tell you to press three arrow keys at the same time. It will take some practice for you to master this, but by then, you should be able to perfect the song.

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