Goukisan is a user on Newgrounds. His Avatar uses the standard Newgrounds Avatar. He currently has 29 Audio Submissions. His song, Guitar Vs. Piano was featured on SCGMD, SCGMD2, and SCGMD4 as a Song. He also has other Audio Submissions that were featured in the SCGMD Series.

List of Audio Submissions featured throughout the SCGMD SeriesEdit

Song Featured in
Guitar Vs. Piano SC Guitar Maniac Dx, Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2, SCGMD4 (extended version)
BattleSongLoop SCGMD4
Betrayal of Fate SCGMD3

Audio SubmissionsEdit


guitar vs piano 3.1


Best of 2008: Goukisan - Betrayal of Fate


Best of 2007: Goukisan - Rock Orchestra2


Best of 2006: Guitar Vs. Piano 1.2


Best of 2005: Gouki - Adrenaline


Best of 2004: Guitar Vs. Piano

His ProfileEdit

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